2021 SE Area Loretta Lynn Qualifier Info – April 23/24/25

2021 Loretta Lynn Qualifier / USEMX Series Race Information
April 23/24/25 – NC Motorsports Park

PRE-REGISTER HERE:  S.E. LLQ & USEMX Series Pre-Registration

Gates open Thursday 4:00pm, no early arrivals please. You will be parked by an attendant, if you would like to park next to someone, please arrive with them, no saving spots.

Gates Open daily at 6:30am and close at 11:30pm (parking in front field available if arriving after hours)

All Qualifiers have the following times & prices:

Practice ($30 Per sticker – Optional) 8:00 until 4:00 (weather permitting)
Practice Registration Opens (6:00 to 7:30 pm Thursday) 7:00 am Friday
Registration for Saturday Racing will Open 1:00 pm Friday

**GIRLS, 50cc, Women Riders NOTE – At all Area Qualifiers, ALL 50cc, Girls & Women’s classes will race on SATURDAY ONLY.

Practice at 8:00 am, followed by Riders Meeting
Registration Opens at 6:30 am (Reg. for Sunday classes 6pm)
Points will be awarded for USEMX Series for all 50cc, Girls, & Women’s classes on Saturday.

Registration Opens 6:30am, Practice 8:00am followed by Racing
MODIFIED CLASSES and also includes USEMX Series Classes.

Thursday – $40.00 – Age 6 and up  (5 and under free)
Friday – $35.00 – Age 6 and up  (5 and under free)
Saturday – $30.00 – Age 6 and up  (5 and under free)
Sunday –$20.00 – Age 6 and up  (5 and under free)

Friday Practice – $30.00 each group/sticker color
Saturday Racing – $35.00 Youth & Amateur – $40 “A”
Sunday Racing – $35.00 Amateur & $40.00 “A”- Pro Sport

Pit Vehicle Passes: TRANSPORTATION PURPOSES $15 (Must be 16 yrs old and have Pit Vehicle Sticker at all times.  Passes available at front gate.

Pit Pass + SX Track: $25 Transportation plus riding SX track Fri/Sat from 12pm-8pm & Sun 12pm to closing – with flaggers  (Pit bikes ONLY) will split as needed between Stacyc/Bicycles, Kids on pitbikes, & Teens/Adults on pitbikes.

RV Elec. Hookups – Approx. 20 available (FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE, no reservations)
Thurs Arrivals $60, Fri Arrivals $50

Qualifying Forms are an additional $10.00 for all Classes (only if you are trying to Qualify – optional) Email address & phone #’s required and must be on all forms. Forms must be turned in before racing begins to be eligible to qualify.

AMA Memberships will be required to practice & race – please update your AMA membership if expired. Day passes available. If you need to renew your AMA membership please click: HERE

For class description and other information go to www.mxsports.com

**NCMP has a zero tolerance policy regarding jumping the fence and running out onto the track at any time.  We have some of the best flaggers and safety staff on ATV’s you will encounter in racing and plenty of them to tend to your racer. We also have paramedics on staff and ALS Ambulance Services. In the event of a serious injury to your rider you will be taken to your racer by a member of our staff on an atv.  If you cross the fence your rider may be disqualified and you may be asked to leave the property.

**Riding out of bounds (woods or other tracks at NCMP not open to the event is grounds for disqualification – Pit speed is 5 MPH


1 250 B Limited 122-250 cc Sunday
2 250 B Limited 122-250 cc Saturday
3 250 C 122-250 cc Sunday
4 250 C Limited 122-250 cc Saturday
5 * 250 C Jr (12-17) 122-250 cc Saturday
6 450 B 122-Open cc Sunday
7 450 B Limited 122-Open cc Saturday
8 450 C 122-Open cc Sunday
9 125 C 122-125cc Saturday
10 * 125cc (12-17) B/C 122-125cc 2-Stroke Sunday
11 * Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C 86-125cc 2-Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke Saturday
Min. Wheels: Front 19″, Rear 16″
12 * Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C 122-250cc Sunday
13 Open Pro Sport 122-Open cc Sunday
14 250 Pro Sport 122-250cc Saturday
15 ** College (18-24) Sportsman 122-Open cc Sunday
16 Junior 25+ 122-Open cc Sunday
17 ** Vet (30+) Sportsment 122-Open cc Sunday
18 ** Senior (40+) Sportsman 122-Open cc Sunday
19 Senior (45+) 122-Open cc Sunday
20 Masters (50+) 122-Open cc Sunday
21 Women 122-250 cc Saturday
Min. Wheels: Front 21″, Rear 18″
22 *** Mini-E (4-6) Jr 1kWh Battery Energy Saturday
23 *** 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited 0-51cc 2-stroke Saturday
24 *** 51cc (4-6) Jr Limited 0-51cc Saturday
25 51cc (7-8) Sr Limited 0-51cc Saturday
26 65cc (7-9) Limited 59-65cc Saturday
27 65cc (7-9) 59-65cc Sunday
28 65cc (10-11) Limited 59-65cc Saturday
29 65cc (10-11) 59-65cc Sunday
30 85cc (10-12) Limited 79-85cc Saturday
31 85cc (10-12) 79-85cc Sunday
32 Mini Sr 1 (12-14) 79-85cc 2-Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke Saturday
                                       Max Wheels: Front 17″, Rear 16″ – Max Wheelbase 51″
33 Mini Sr 2 (13-15) 79-85cc 2-Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke Sunday
                                       Max Wheels: Front 17″, Rear 16″ – Max Wheelbase 51″
34 Supermini 1 (12-15) 79-112cc 2-Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke Saturday
 Max Wheels: Front 19″, Rear 16″
35 Supermini 2 (13-16) 79-112cc 2-Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke Sunday
 Max Wheels: Front 19″, Rear 16″
36 Girls (11-16) 79-112cc 2-Stroke/75-150cc 4-Stroke Saturday
 Max Wheels: Front 19″, Rear 16″
* Youth age rules apply
** Sportsman: Pro license restrictions apply.  See Supplemental Rules for details.
*** Riders may attempt to qualify in more than one class, but may only enter one class at the National